About Us

Company Brief

AED Kompresorren (M) Sdn Bhd has more than 10 year experience in dealing with wide range of air compressors especially from ELGI. The team consist more than 15 engineer & maintenance technician that had experience around 8-10 years averagely.

With such capacity of experience, we ensure customer will be able to get top notch skills in handling the ELGI Air Compressor that we carried. With annual training provided to refresh and upgrade the skills of engineer and technician with the latest technology that available in the market.


Working Attitude and Skills

Our Commitment to our customer that if your ELGI air compressor is down and the situation warrants, we will send our technician and parts needed to jobsites ensuring the it will be back on-line. Where we put ourselves in customer position and understand the criticalness that damages may cause due to downtime.

·         We provide contractual service to ensure compressor are well  taken care in a regular basis.

·         24 hours breakdown services within Klang Valley

·         3 hours breakdown time response within Klang Valley

·         Consultation of compressor design, piping and installation.

We ensure we have all critical part stores in our service center and representative office to minimize downtime.


Our Vision

“One Stop Air Solution Provider”


Our belief

“Innovation and Quick Response Key to High Quality and Value”

“The best Quality Will Bring In Infinite Value and Respect”


Our Prospect

We are continually integrating resources through diversification to strengthen  our overall competitiveness capability. We pursue innovation, speed and can do attitude that we bring to the Best Performance.