We offer more than just compressed air. We provide you with everything to do with compressed air technology including, customised solutions – from planning to production

1.       Complete turnkey management

2.       Online and remote monitoring of the complete of complete air system.

3.       Correctly chosen accessories for ideal system solutions.

4.       Rapid service by qualify engineered staff.

5.       Total care compressed air contracts.


Built on the needs of the customer. All this years, ELGI has been producing high quality air compressors. We have been designing customised solutions for our innovative system of compressors for almost all applications.


Not only had we put our business in compressors supplying but also to remain competent in the industry by offering effective solutions to users of our systems. From consultation to installation of any new compressor(s), we offer all areas in compressor service, maintenance and upkeep as well as visualisation.


Range of services from AED Kompressoren

·         Screw Compressors

·         Piston Compressors

·         Blower

·         Turbo Compressors

·         Complete Accessories

·         Control regulate monitor


AED Kompressoren think long run, start picking a compressor from us today.